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Computer Stella Rokos December 1, 2015

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Welcome to the world of pain cutting yourself with screw drivers and getting silicone on your hands!( make sure the wash your hands after) It will be a long and dangerous journey but with this blog post I will help you survive the problems that you face in this station!

Many problems were faced along the way. With 6 projects done and one final project I will be talking about the problems that arose in my final. So let begin……To start i’m going to tell you what my final project was to make you understand how problems could have come from them. What I did was refurbish an old computer and installed windows 7.

One problem that arose was that the DVD drive was not detected so we had to figure out what was wrong and finally just noticed that the cords were not plugged in. So if you have  trouble with those make sure before you start that everything is plugged in. Another problem was that the disk that we tried to install was the wrong disk so we had to do the process all over again. This station  takes a lot of time and learning so if you need ask Mr.Karden or read the manual that come with the computers. They are located at the computer station to the left  in the top cabinet.

If needed ask a teacher or visit a site that was useful to me http://www.Answer.comIMG_5198



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