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MY Time at the 3D printer December 18, 2015

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My second project 3D printing. I thought that is was a fun station to do. For my first activity was researching 3D printing. My second activity was building a die on TinkerCad. I did not end up printing this. My 3rd activity was building a snowman cookie cutter on Google Sketch Up. I did end up printing this and it ended up great. For my final I created a bag holder so you can carry multiple bags at once easier. The problems that I faced while doing this station was not being able to print a lot of things because other people were on the printer. I thought this was a fun station, and I would do it again.

To 3D print I used the program Axon 2, I found this program easy and it was really simple to use. For this station make sure you bring or have a flash drive. 


Flash Animation/Graphic Design December 17, 2015

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In Graphic Design, I created a flash animation, that is a video but I drew all of it, basically, a cartoon. I used Adobe Flash and used the f6 approach which is keyframes. Keyframes are frames that you do 1 by 1. Karden didn’t like me using this tactic, he said to use Motion Tweak. There are multiple ways to do it but I liked the f6 way. I didn’t really face some problems, I just went with what I thought was right. I looked up multiple youtube videos and didn’t learn much but they helped I suppose. I can’t really show the videos I did as it wont accept the file type but they were pretty good and weird. It was a fun station, I recommend you have a lot of patience as I took about 7 hours in total to do my final.

How To 3D Print December 17, 2015

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Materials:  For this part of my project I will need a computer to use the programs TinkerCad, Pronterface, and Slicer. I will also need a 3D Printer and filament. I requested a Pink filament for the final  (1.75 mm), but for practice I have used green and black.


Step #1:

The first step after creating the pieces on tinkercad is always exporting them into Slic3r and then scaling them to my desire. Slic3r also helps to establish the printer and filament settings. For example, when printing my plate, the filament settings were not hot enough and therefore the filament was not melting the right was and the filament would clump up and not print correctly.


Step #2:  

The second step is to export it as a g.code and upload it onto Pronterface. This program will give you a pretty exact time estimate and tell you if there are errors that need to be fixed. This is also helpful because it will tell you how many layers are on the object. Connect the printer and then set the temperature for the filament you are using Then press start print and it should run smoothly. If there are problems be sure to reset the printer and connect again.


Step #3:

Another step is to keep an eye on your print until it finishes. Be sure to not waste print time if it isn’t running smoothly.

Rube Goldberg By Hunter and Casey December 17, 2015

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For this station Casey and I created a simple machine. For this station we ran into many difficulties. One difficulty that arose while we were working at this station is the fact the it would work one time but not another. Another we ran into is the lack of materials. We solved this by being resourceful and bringing in materials from home. To fix this problem there was a lot of fine tuning the machine. To do this station you need a lot of creativity and patience.

  For the final activity in this class we decided to remove some of our activities and make a simple machine that drops a group of marbles into a cup. We inserted several new aspects to  our system. We removed the funnel after the loop da loop and inserted a series of dominos that fall and bump into a bouncy ball resting on the stool. From the stool the ball would roll down a ramp and go off a small jump. After the jump the ball would collide with several cow bells that would then in turn hit a tennis ball. The tennis ball rolled down a ramp and would hit a long stick the was on a pivot point. When the stick pivoted it would it hit another bouncy ball. This ball that was placed on a set track would roll down and fall into a cup. This cup  was fastened to a pulley system that we fashioned out of an old computer hard drive. We ripped it apart until we reached the ultra smooth bearing in the hard drive. From the bering we laced a string through it so it created a pulley. When the bouncy ball would fall into the cup it would activate the pulley system. On the other end of the pulley there was a ruler. The ruler was inside the middle of a funnel. The ruler was stopping a load of marbles from rolling down it. When the ruler was lifted by the bouncy ball falling into the cup it would release the marbles. They would travel down the funnel and into a track system. The system would end by the marbles rolling into a cup. We had a lot of difficulties when making our final. Our plans changed a lot from the beginning to the end. We faced a problem in finding the pulley system. We had no idea on how to make it until Mr. Karden gave us the idea for the computer hard drive.


Laser Engraving December 17, 2015

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Ben Carlson

Tech Lab Blog Post


In the Laser Engraving station, I learned lots of things that would be helpful to know beforehand. First of all, tutorials online would be very, very helpful for learning about how to use CorelDraw. They helped me know how to do all of the basics and lead up to how to become advanced in designing. Next, it is essential you pay attention when learning how to print from  the computer so that you don’t have to ask every time. If you are running low on ideas on what to create, look it up because there are many things that people have made that are somewhat simple, and very, very cool. Laser Engraving is a very fun experience and if you make something cool, it’s very fun to show off to family and friends.

Glass!!! December 17, 2015

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So with glassblowing many problems came from it. Like taking the glass out of the fire to quick and it broke, or when you forget to turn it so it creates little pocks of air that cause it to also break. Many things can cause glass to break but if you just move slowly and pay attention to what you’re doing it will all workout.


This was my first attempt at making hands free heart. It turned out kinda nice but when took it out of white padding it broke cause it was two different types of glass.


Secondly this was my first attempt at a small bead (turned out smaller than I wanted it to)

photo 2

Final was a small bead that had a blue flower on it.


To prevent any of these things for happening ask Karden or watch the glass blowing movie located at the station.

Architectural Model Making December 17, 2015

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Model making takes patience and a steady hand. The tools you will use can range in everything from 3D printing to wood carving. Here is some helpful Links for you to explore.https://davidneat.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/horizontal_6532_sm.jpg?w=460

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47lD_XQ5ID8

Web Help: http://youngarchitect.com/2014/03/31/building-architecture-models/

The most difficulty that I had with model making was making straight cuts and right angels. Although I was using rulers to cut and triangles to cut corners, it was still tough. I recommend that you always cut bigger than you need to so you can go back and sand down the edges to insure finer lines and sharper corners. The last piece of advice I can give you is to be patient and be ready to do things twice, sometimes three times to produce your best quality of work.


Models can be made in great detail or just a base outline, but they always bring an idea from paper or program to reality. Be careful with razor blades and knifes, but always take your time so that the end result is worth the effort put forth.

Rube Goldberg December 17, 2015

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Brandon McGuire


When it come to creativity the Rube Goldberg station is for you. This station tests your ability to work with others and expands how creative you are. In this station there are absolutely no limits for what you can do, well unless it is physically impossible. I my self can not really give any pointers because that not how this station works. It is all about how you want to make it and how you want it to work. You just have to find stuff and create your machine. I guess I can give one pointer, and that is the more you put into it the cooler it will be! Have fun! 

CNC Router December 17, 2015

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For my second station I chose to use cnc router.  The cad program I used to create the templates was Inventor.  Inventor isn’t the worst program or the best program (i think), I used it simply because I already knew how to use it.  It would be good to explore other programs, which i should have done.
Using the cnc router was easy, I just had to turn it on and watch it drill the form.  The hardest part was setting it up which was a lot harder than it looked.  It would be harder if i was engraving something other than foam though.  Don’t be discouraged by how hard it looks to use the cnc router it is easier then it looks

My Time In SketchUp December 17, 2015

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For my second station I decided to do sketchup, computer architecture. What I decided to do was to make a nice house that I personally would live in. It was not the hardest house to make but also not the easiest because sketchup takes a little understanding before you can use it to its full potential. Even I haven’t discovered everything, which probably has limited me by a little in my creation. To get started with this station I suggest that you take a look in the R drive to get some good 15-20 min videos that teach you the basics. Then if you want to learn more then you can always go to YouTube and get more in depth videos. To me this is a very fun station that gets yourself thinking.