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Corel Draw May 29, 2015

Posted by andrzejlas421 in Corel Draw.

For my second station I did Corel Draw, Corel Draw it is a vector graphics editor developed by the Corel Corporation. It is used to make vector art that is created using mathematical equations. I thought it was a very cool station. Its very difficult though so make sure you do the tutorials to learn the basic tools and what not. This is a very useful station if you want to use the laser engraver because both use vector graphics. If you wanted to design logo’s this is an extremely important program to know and very useful. For my final I decided to create a business card for my dad’s business, one problem I ran into during this was that the dimensions were not the right size for a business card you can fix this by going in the top left and clicking on the custom button then scrolling down to business card. One tip that I found awesome and cool is once you have created an image or shape of some sort,click on it or highlight it, go to the fill tool the 2nd to last tool in Corel Draw 11, then go to texture fill dialogue and select it. This will give you a variety of super cool colors and texture designs to put on your project once you selected the one that best fits you then select OK. I thought this tool was awesome because it gave you awesome colors and designs to enhance your project I did it with my abstract art activity. My final took me a while to think of so if your having trouble just do a holiday card or a business card Corel Draw is perfect for that.

2nd activityFinal



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