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Digital Painting April 21, 2015

Posted by katetom123 in Digital Painting.

For my second project in Tech Lab, I decided to do digital draw. I did this station because I wanted a fun station that I could do to try and get ahead in the class. To do this I used the program Gimp. For this program I had to learn how to use all kinds of tools, like the airbrush, paths tool, and even pencil tool. All of there tools work in very different ways.
My suggestion for people going into this station is to be patient with the program. I also think it is important to experiment with the different tools before you start your project. For people coming into this station I would also suggest that they learn how to use the paths tool. This tool was very important to the creation of most of my art projects. For me I did not use a pad to draw, I used my mouse. This means it was very hard to create strait lines, and curved objects. The path tool helped me do just that. To start using this tool you click on the third symbol in the row closes to your picture, in the tool menu. Then you can create a shape that outlines what you want to create. Later you can turn it into the shape you want. Once you have connected the ends of the shape, you can start curving the sides. This process takes a lot of patients and take lots of time. Overall this station was very cool and something I can see myself doing again in the future.Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.47.13 AM



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