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Unity Game Creation December 19, 2014

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Brendan Greenberg & Jack Cline

We created a game on the Unity game engine. Our game is a first person shooter with zombies in it. In the game you can walk around and up hills and slide on steep slopes. The zombie only comes after you if you are decently close to it. You can kill the zombie by shooting it with the nail shooter and the zombie actually plays a death animation and disappears. There are crosshaires, hit markers, and reloading. When the zombie is close enough to touch you an attack animation plays and injures you. If your players health equals zero then the player re-spawns at the start and the game restarts.

My suggestion to you if you are doing this station is to always keep your unity up to date. I have had a lot of problems with my code because Unity isn’t up to date. Also, make sure that you finish with a lot of time because Unity can really screw you up and say there are problems with your game when there aren’t. This is problematic because Unity does not alow you to play tour game unless there aren’t any problems.


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