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3D Printing December 19, 2014

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I had a lot of problems with 3D printing. To begin the old printer is not precise enough to do small details and correct measurements, it is also very slow. All of my projects had a lot of attention to detail so using the old printer was not an option as I have now learned. However the smaller, newer printer works great. I would recommend using it, it works very fast, it cuts your printing time by half, and it also gets a lot more detail in the thing you are printing. Another problem that I found is the type of plastic that you use, if you use ABS plastic you will not get a quality project and it breaks easy because the plastic does not bond like it is supposed to, so I would recommend using PLA plastic always when using the printer. Another category that the new printer beats the old printer in is how fast the plastic gets out of the printer, the old printer can take up to ten minutes minimum and the new printer only takes like one minute maximum, that means you can get a lot more stuff done in this station once you have everything built and ready to go. In my opinion it is also a lot easier to set up. If you are ever doing 3d printing I would recommend using the M2 printer. Sadly I only got to print two things because there were so many problems with the printer and I only got to print one thing on the new printer, but the experience of using it was much better. Here is my 3d printed case, but it got warped so I can’t use it  because I used ABS plastic and not PLA.

Warped caseThis is how warped it got and why it is unusable. Back of case

This station was very fun but be ready for some technical difficulties with the printer, and that’s most likely where you will have all of your problems.



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