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3d prinitng December 19, 2014

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This is a fun station, but if you dont know what you are doing it can be a pain. To begin i made a lot of cool things, but i only ended up printing 1 of them because when all of my other stuff required things that i didnt know about, took way to long, or were way to big to actually print. I used Google sketch-up to make all of my things, which was sort of a problem because you can build anything. I learned that this is a problem because some of the things i built required support plastic. Mr. Karden said support plastic is a mess, so i decided not to use it. Next, if your things are too big, the extruders will not be able to reach where they need to go, which prevents your project from being completed. My final problem I had was tings taking to long to print. Part of my original final would have taken 20 hours to print which confused me because it was only a box. My advice if you were to do this station would be to make things smaller then you think they need to be because you can always scale them when it comes to actually printing the object. I would also recommend learning how to use the M2 printer because it is a lot faster and way more precise then the older printer. My final project ended up being a set of lego’s that i could then build somehing with, but because of limited time and printer error i was only able to print one successful Lego. 

IMG_0158this is what my Lego and an actual Lego look like.



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