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Computer Architecture December 19, 2014

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In my time doing this station, computer architecture I have learn many thing on how to build a computer, and also take apart some computers. I have also learned the importance of all the parts inside a computer, for example the processor needs to be put on gently because if you apply too much force onto the screws then it’ll damage the processor. The most crucial part of building a computer is a power supply, because without a power supply your computer won’t be able to turn on, so make sure that your computer turns on. The most challenging thing you’ll do when you are taking apart a computer will most likely be taking out the screws, and then putting them back in their place. Always be sure to have your screws in a specific place or else you won’t know which ones are your motherboard screws, and it’ll be a huge pain in the buttox.IMG_8063[1]



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