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Game maker (YOYO GAMES) December 13, 2014

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hi-1            Untitled-4


The second station that I picked was yo-yo games to help me design games. The game I created was called hi 1 the game the game it was about seeing how well the player could stay  attention and not be distracted by what was actually going on in the game. what i was trying to do was to get them distracted by having a story line and  when they got trouble the people that were distracted would get a jump scare. The characters in the story line were both very different. one was  red and another one was purple . The purple one Being the stupid one and always getting in trouble and the red one being the smart and clever one knowing how to avoid obstacles. It is very fun but not the easiest having to type in codes and  creating rooms to put them into. But of course is a little easier for me since I had a guide to use so it kind of helped me find out how to do the codes. But the rest I had to do on my own and I had to find pictures on Google for the backgrounds and creating the story was actually pretty hard. I think yo-yo games is a pretty good device for creating games but is hard to do. Its also worth it once you get to play your game and experience the fun. Overall it’s a really fun device for creating games I suggest it to anybody who wants to create and play a game of their own.



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