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Archetecture October 10, 2014

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My first station i did was Architecture, this station seemed really easy at first but proved otherwise. There are a lot of things i learned that Sketchup could do. I have used it previously but never to this extent. My final was to create accurate models of houses so that greenie could take them and import them into a game he was creating. The first thing i did was complete the activities provided in the R drive. After that i went and looked up some tutorials and found some good ones on the Google Sketcup web site.   http://www.sketchup.com/learn/videos?playlist=58 I watched the 4 videos on this web site and i learned a lot. Then after i understood and did everything in the video i wondered about creating accurate floor plans of a house, so i went to youtube and found a very helpfull video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQsjwDFaBJo http://www.youtube.com/watchv=yQXgKP2NOwM both these allowed me to create an accurate floor plan and transform it into a 3d house. I did have a problem though. When i was building the windows for the house i could not find a way to copy and move the windows whille keeping them in line with the other windows. I tried grouping them together and making them components and neither worked. I also tried infrence locking and that didn’t work either. I couldnt find any videos to help so i had to create each and every window by hand which took lots of extra time. I ended up finishing the first house i made and completing the entire second house except for a few windows, here is what they look like.

Final house 1

final house 2

final house 1

final house 2

final house 3



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