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CNC Router October 8, 2014

Posted by eranitenorio in CNC router.

Ok, in the beginning of the year, my idea of a final project was of me making some sort of little step stool so that my one year old sister could use it.

This is what I had planned for the project:

140821_150733140825_142124Or at least something similar…

In order to get there I had to use the CNC Router. I started out by watching and learning from the tutorials. In  the tutorials I learned how to create different types of shapes, relieves, textures, patterns and how to write texts. As a first activity, I decided to make a nice and simple little sign for a club at school.

Here is a picture of the sign after it was finished with the CNC Router:

GSA sign

This picture was taken after the sign was decorated. The sign was painted by my good friend Andi Goph for the club, so that credit goes to her. If you want to know what I did, just imagine the sign without any color or flowers.

Unfortunately, I became discouraged for multiple reasons and decided to change to another project for another greater cause.

When it comes to giving advice, I’m not very good. 1)This was uncomfortable for me because I don’t like using a big voice. Mr. Karden has planned on installing a camera so that people don’t have to yell but it isn’t up yet. So if you want to do this station and the camera isn’t installed yet, ask Mr. Karden to help you with it because no one likes it when you yell, haha XD!!! 2) Because you are dealing with super expensive things and a limited amount of material, you have to be very patient. Pay attention to the tutorials!!! And check your work after you’er done!!! And after you think you’re ready to start the final process of carving, check it again just to be sure you have everything right, including: your measurements, that you have the right toolpaths, that the machine is perfectly zero-ed, and that you won’t regret what you are about to carve.  Other than checking of these two things, the CNC station is really easy. ^_^

I hope this helps even just a little bit 🙂




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