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Solar Roller May 21, 2014

Posted by euardo24 in Architecture -Sketch up, Computer Architecture, Robotics, Uncategorized.

The solar roller is and endurance and speed competition, in other words what is goal for you as a new racer? Well in order for you to win you will have to have your car able to adapt quickly for this to circumstances, speed and endurance. Lets first start by telling you how they day started at Glenwood High School. When you get there you will go head to your pit area, there is gonna be lots of other groups but don’t let them intimidate you. Observe and look at other designs to get ideas for further improvements on your car.

Your first event is going to be the top speed events which evolves lots of handling of the car at high speeds. Have in mind that you don’t want to break the car before the main event. After that you have recorded your two top speed, PV only and PV+Battery, you will have a two lap race only on PV. Record all events for further analysis of the events. Last but not least you will have your main event which is the 60 min race. Now for this race is when you want to attach your armor to the bottom of the car this race requires a discharged battery a good driver and a strong car if you can meet all these expectation your chances of winning the race is very high.

Awesome job in being part of this amazing project good luck, don’t give up and work hard!!!20140304_085308 - Copy 20140429_082733 - Copy 20140506_132037 20140506_132118 20140509_084641 - Copy 20140513_082956 - Copy 20140517_090630 - Copy 20140517_090638 - Copy 20140517_090646 - Copy 20140517_092442 - Copy 20140517_092540 20140517_092645 - Copy 20140517_092645 20140517_093759 20140517_095731 20140517_141741 20140517_145602


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