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Photoshop May 13, 2014

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For the Photoshop station, there are many key tips I would recommend to anyone interested in doing the station. First, I would recommend using the books available such as, Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks, to find activities to do. The activities in here are basic but if you do the right ones they can all be put together to make a high quality final project. The next thing I would recommend is on your first day, insert a picture and see what different tools do to alter the picture in different ways. This way later on you will have an idea of what you can do to a picture to make it different from others. The last tip I would give someone is, try to make a picture have meaning. During the activities you can make fun pictures using different effects and tools, but for the final I would make a picture that has meaning to you or anything. This way you can get the picture printed and have something more to come out of the class with, something you personally made that will always mean something.

            The reason I did this station was so I could create a good picture for my puzzle I made in Corel Draw, and I believe now I will be able to make that with ease and high quality. I would recommend doing this station first, then Corel Draw, and then the Laser Engraver if there is time. This way you can be experienced with Photoshop so you can make a picture for your puzzle in quick time, them you will be able to move to the Laser Engraver. Below is my final project for the station. For my final project I tried to use everything that I used from the previous projects in to one final picture. For this picture I wanted to have a meaning behind it. The meaning behind it was to try and look at life from other people eye, which is why there is another eye inside the pupil of the main eyeball. I wanted to change the colors of the main eyeball to show that seeing life and things from someone else’s view may be different because they might see things in different colors or different meanings. I recommend the Photoshop station highly, try it out.Image



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