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Corel Draw March 28, 2014

Posted by gabrielsandoval in Uncategorized.

Overall I thought CorelDraw was a fun and easy station and I recommend it to be one of your first two stations. I thought that it was a great station to start with because you could really use your imagination and create something totally unique. This program was cool because it had so many things you could use to create a unique piece of artwork including different shapes, colors, backgrounds, and writing utensils. This was cool because you have so many ways to customize your artwork so that not one persons piece is the same as another’s. For my final Piece of work I chose to create a puzzle. I thought this was really cool because I got to draw out each and every piece of the puzzle, even though it was time consuming it was worth it to me. Some tips I might share include taking your time to fully learn the tricks on the demos and take your time fully detailing your pictures. Image                  



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