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March 10, 2014

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For my first station I chose to do the Electronics station. I chose this station because i wanted to learn simple circuitry and it looked interesting. I found it helpful to do all of the beginning circuit boards in order to fully understand each component of a circuit. After I learned what all the electronics did I was able to put them together to make complex circuits.  This was the first of the complex circuits 


I made. It is an alarm clock that uses a photo cell to restrict the energy when light does not hit the cell. One issue i found common while making circuits is the resistors in the Circuit Board activities were too high to allow enough power to create sound. This was easily fixed by switching to a less restrictive resistors or a wire. Another issue i found were some of the ic555 and transistors did not work but when i changed them out with new components they worked. For my final product i wanted to create something useful. I made a motorcycle sound from a clock that would tick at variable speeds using a variable resistor. I then combined this with an alarm clock that used multiple photo cells to restrict the alarm completely. Image You could change the time of the alarm based on the amount of light to prevent the resistor from working. This project had a few flaws though. The first is that many of the circuitry hidden behind would touch other wires ruining the electrical current. The second issue is that the alarm looped too quickly and ended up breaking.over all i would recommend using this station if you are looking to get away from the computer and create helpful or entertaining electronics.      



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