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Photoshop Station #1 March 3, 2014

Posted by Macenzi Steck in Uncategorized.

For my first station, I did adobe Photoshop. I choose this station because I had a little bit of previous knowledge of Photoshop but was wanting to learn more. Learning how to use Photoshop was a little difficult for me. The book was very vague in instructions so I turned to Youtube videos. Doing this helped me learn each step of the process of doing a project. Using the videos, I was able to learn how to use many of the Photoshop tools and improved my knowledge of those tools over each project. For my final project I made this photo 

Final Project

To make this, I used the quick selection tool, spot healing brush tool, clone stamp tool, eraser tool, gradient tool, and a few other tools. The purpose of this project was to bring my imagination to life. It is also to promote kids, and adults, to use their imagination. A lot of the time people are put down for trying to be creative and use their imagination but I think doing so is a good thing. Being imaginative helps one to handle different situations, come up with various possible solutions, and improve their skills. We need to open our minds and by doing this we could change the world. Who knows, being imaginative could possibly even cure cancer!




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