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Laser Engraving=Fun December 20, 2013

Posted by duno9 in Laser Engraving.

My station was laser engraving, and it was really a lot of fun. I learned most of what I had to do from Mr. Karden, Edgar, and the Legend Laser Engraver website. A tip that I would offer is: Test, test test. Make sure that whatever you’re printing is printing correctly before you use a valuable material. One time I tried to engrave something on a little felt card that I found, and it was the perfect color, but it didn’t print right at first, so the card was ruined. Another tip is to make sure you know if you are cutting or if you are just engraving a material. If you don’t use the special cutting apparatus and you try to cut out something, the laser can make an imprint on the aluminum, and Mr. Karden will yell at you. One last tip: Learn to use Corel draw or some other type of digital drawing/painting program, because if you don’t know how to make shapes the laser engraver can read, then you can’t be very creative with the station. I did run into some problems along the way, but all was resolved. First problem: time management. Testing my project sometimes would take a long time, so I had to learn to work on other projects and things while my projects were being engraved. Second problem: learning what power and speed settings to use on each operation. Mr. Karden told me that when you are cutting, use speed 100 power 70 (or the other way around), but that didn’t seem to work on the first time, and when you try to cut something after you’ve already run it, it starts to burn and get blackened. I found that when cutting something like wood or a thick piece of plastic, use power 100 and speed 50-60, because otherwise, you have to run it twice or three times. Please remember to turn off the laser engraver after you are finished. For my final project, I decided to make a box with teeth to hold it together at the corners, and to put inlays into it. Time got to me and I only had enough to inlay the top, but what got finished turned out great and fits together perfectly. With glue. Ignore the sticker. That was later taken off.IMG_5282



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