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digital photo December 19, 2013

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digital photo

for my second station I did digital photography. In this station I learned about how to take a good picture. For my pictures I used the Canon Digital Rebel XTI. I didn’t use many of the special features from this camera but I did learn how to use its zoom. I also learned what things are important in a picture like the scenery and the background. If you don’t have good scenery then the picture will not look as good. Also, if you have a very distracting background it will take away from the main subject. For my final I took a very scenic picture and used Photoshop to edit the parts that didn’t look good and made the picture into an advertisement for Colorado. This was really fun because I got to use my favorite station Photoshop and I got to transform a picture I took which was really cool. Some tips for this station would be to make sure to get really good scenery in your picture when photographing nature. If it is not then the picture will be really bland and will not keep the viewer interested. I would also say to make sure when you are takeing a picture of a specific subject that you have a plain background. If the background is full of excitement then it will take away from the subject. I would also suggest that when you are editing in Photoshop only save what you did if you are positive it looks good or else something that you don’t like will be saved forever. Overall I enjoyed this station a lot and learned many things.



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