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December 19, 2013

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For my final project at the Mixcraft station I decided to combine songs I knew with the music on Mixcraft. I learned how to import songs from youtube using the website, listentoyoutube.com (be careful with this site, though it does work it tries to install a virus into your computer) which I highly recommend to anyone who uses Mixcraft because I personally thing it made my music much more interesting. I combined six different songs (By One Direction. Katy Perry, Calvin Harris Feat. Ellie Goulding, Avicii, Eminem, and Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis) together which was really interesting since it changes the tempo of the song almost constantly. I combined some of Mixcrafts music to the different songs I thought fit well.

My advice to anyone who does the station is, first of all, to know how to manually change the tempo of a song since I did that a lot. You double click on a track and a screen pops up on the left hand side that allows you to manipulate the track in multiple way, including changing the tempo. My second piece of advice is to not be afraid to overlap songs since it makes a much smoother transition. You should also know how to make your own loops! if you find a certain piece of a track that you like, first of all know that you can cut it by placing your mouse over one of the edges and dragging it towards the other edge, making the track smaller (note that it track will only cut to a place where the lines are on the song board, so it might not be able to be cut to where you want it to be. If this happens, you can just ruin your mouse over the the track and two blue dots and a line will appear. Adjust the dots at the end to silence the end of the song which is most likely part of the song you don’t want there) once you have the part of the song you want selected, right click on it and hit create loop. Now, if you move the arrows on the edges of the track back to where they were, instead of continuing in the song the track will repeat the part you selected. I used this countless times on my projects and my final. Another piece of advice is to separate Mixcraft music into instruments, at the bottom is the library where you can choose different tracks to put into your songs, it’s default setting is to separate the music into Styles, but in the upper left hand corner of the library it has a drop down bar where you can choose how you want the music to be separated. By Tempo, Key, Mood, Style, Instrument, Name, Song Kit, or Date. I never tried any of the other options (the tempo and key options sound really interesting) but I know categorizing the music by instrument was super helpful for me. My final piece of advice is to use listentoyoutube.com which I talked about earlier. In case you didn’t know, every video on youtube has a different URL, so if you search a video and begin playing it, that URL is unique. By copying and pasting the URL into listentoyoutube.com The song can be saved to your computer free of charge. As I said before however, this site can be tricky. Once it checks the link and asks you if you want to download the song, do not choose the big colorful options right below the message saying the link was successful. Those buttons will take you to a different page and try to get you to download something. In grey, small print at the bottom it asks if you want to download the MP3 and click on that link to download the song to your computer. Good Luck!



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