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Digital Painting December 18, 2013

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For my final project in digital drawing, I drew a white rose. I had to blend a lot, using mostly all grays and whites. It was difficult to decide which color gray I should use at which points. ­At first, I went in and put a base layer of gray in the darker spots, then got a lighter gray and put that in the lighter shadow areas. Then, I put a layer of white in the areas that were purely white. After that, I went in and refined the shading, making the rose look like there are some layers in front of others, and some layers curling over. Some problems I ran into were the different Photoshop layers. Before you begin drawing, look at your picture and see what colors and parts you will be blending with each other and which parts will be separate from those blending areas. Another problem was that I made one part of my rose way too dark than it should have been so I had to go in with the hue tool, and a lighter gray to  fix it. White-rose



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