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Photoshop November 1, 2013

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OK, so I had never used Photoshop before but a lot of people are using it and so I thought It would be nice if I learned to use it too. I think that it was pretty easy though at first it was a bit confusing, like pretty much any new experience. I did 3 activities from the Photoshop Tutorials in the R drive. My first activity was the Creating Metallic Type activity. I was confused because I would use the largest Font size but the letters would still come out really small. I got really frustrated but then I realized that the letters were just fine, that it was the Background that I needed to shrink. In the end all was well except for the fact that I misspelled Halloween, but that was my stupid mistake.



 I also did the Smoke activity. everything went well until I tried to pass the smoke onto the picture. Since I  had never used Photoshop before, I didn’t know what to do and I got frustrated because everything I tried failed, I even went online to see what I could do, but even that failed. In the end I gave up and just opened the picture on a new file and made the smoke then and there.


My last activity was the mirror effect and it was the only activity that I got on the first time without having any problems.


My final product is a picture that you could maybe show a friend to try to convince them to come to Breckenridge. It’s not the best or the coolest but I’m happy with it.



I hope you enjoy Photoshop as much as I did.



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