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Photoshop October 11, 2013

Posted by alyssagarcia1288 in Uncategorized.


In my opinion Photoshop was a pretty easy program. I have used this program before but i didn’t know how to do most of the things that you can do on it. the most difficult part about having to use it was just trying to figure out what exactly each tool did and how to use them correctly. the hardest tool for me to use would be lasso tool. i took a while for me to be able to understand how to use it.. I think the most helpful thing to use for this project was the tutorials and looking at some of the books. the books helped a lot because it had the exact directions to use. but even after reading the directions i still had some problems but was able to figure it out after a couple of tries. Even though i did run into some difficulties in my opinion it was a pretty fun and easy program to use.



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