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This was the final project that I made. May 29, 2013

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This was the final project that I made.  Before the 3-D printer stopped working I printed out one with a duck type body because the sphere print out.  I lost that project so I just made one on tinker cad to use.  Tinker Cad is a really good program to use because it has shapes you can choose from to make projects.  With the blue jay, I just put two spheres on top of each other and used a cone as the beak.  Then I used ovals as the wings but made them smaller.  The projects looked good on tinker cad but then when I printed them out the got messed up or I had to adjust the printers settings.  Google sketch up is a good program but the projects take too long to print and Tinker Cad is easier to make projects for beginners.  Tinker cad was a good program to start 3-D printing with.



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