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CNC Router May 29, 2013

Posted by breckrider228 in CNC router.

I did the CNC Router which was a pretty fun station but it was pretty difficult to learn. The tutorials on the DVD is somewhat helpful for creating reliefs and stuff but other than that its not that great. You kind of just have to play around with the Enroute Program to see how everything works and occasionally try to look things up on google but that did not help either. Creating reliefs is definitely the easiest part of the program and creating tool paths is pretty simple also. A problem I came across though was that the actual machine is in a room and the computer is in a corner outside the room so you need to get people to help you set up the drill and to move it in place, it takes teamwork. You can only use two pieces of wood from the room which is flat out stupid, the class is 35 bucks and I could only use two pieces of wood for projects, you have to buy the rest which sucks. Other than that it is a pretty cool station if you like wood working, it takes practice though. Image



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