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Computer Architecture April 30, 2013

Posted by wjatkinson in Computer Architecture.

          For my second station I decided to do computer architecture. This seamed like a fun station because students at this station learn to take apart computers, solder, and figure out what each part is for. I started out taking apart a broken computer with no manual, just a screw driver. Using the book, I was able to rebuild the computer just how it was before. I started to do harder and harder activities such as construct a “master” computer. The hardest thing for me at this station, was to figure out where and why parts were put into the computer. I also had trouble with troubleshooting why a computer wouldn’t work properly. What I did to fix this was I used my resources such as Mr. Karden, the internet, and the book. I really enjoyed this station because it taught me a lot of useful things that I will be able to use later on in life. I could also safe a lot of money building a new computer and just buying certain components instead of a whole new computer. One thing I would recommend to a future student is use your resources to learn and ask Mr. Karden questions for further understanding. Over all, this station taught me a lot of useful information and techniques for building and troubleshooting computers.




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