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Illustrator Miriam c: March 29, 2013

Posted by mirigonzalez1 in Illustrator.

During the process of this project, there was many complications. One of the complications was when the layers would get blocked and I couldn’t see how the layers were looking. When the First layer which was the layer were I could trace the photo would be locked and wasn’t able to be unlocked. Since I didn’t know how to unlock it I would restart the tracing process and try to finish the tracing in a class period. When I was finished with the tracing then I would add the color to the photo. How I would do that was by clicking on the part that needed to be colored and I would go back to the original picture and attach the same color of the original photo to the photo that I traced with the eyedropper tool. As you can tell there are some parts that are not colored in their proper areas. That is because since I didn’t add the back ground first I tried to add it after the whole tracing and coloring process was done. Because of my mistake I couldn’t get all the white spots colored or else I would of had to redo the whole project. Another mistake that I made was moving the original photo away from the tracing page. This is one mistake you shouldn’t do.  Image


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