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Music Technology March 15, 2013

Posted by utopianfir in Music Technology.

The first station I chose was music technology, because I like music and thought it would be fun to create my own music. At this station I was able to create songs using loops and the midi keyboard. I found that this station could be easy until you want to put two totally different things together. Then I realized my going to the loops category I was able to find drum fills which make a nice transition between your two different sets of music. Other challenges I overcame were making a beat using the midi keyboard. I figure out that it is much easier to just use a loop instead of trying to make your own beat. But if you were to make your own beat then I would recommend that you overlap the different parts of the drumbeat. I would recommend this station to any music lover. This station isn’t very challenging unless you want it to be, it depends on if you want to make your music detailed or not.




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