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Flash Animation March 5, 2013

Posted by kkincinaite in Computer Animation -flash.


  • For my first station in this class I did Adobe Flash. The activities started out very simple and easy and gradually began getting tougher. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes being creative, it is a great way to show your skills in drawing/creating and in animating. Something to warn you about before you begin, make sure you read the practices very clearly and be sure to return to them when you reach a problem in your final, they are very helpful. When I began my final I kept pressing F6 for the key frames all the time in order to create the “stops”(dots) to make my animation move like you would on a sticky note. (you would move your picture slightly to a different position on each blank note from the previous one until you reached the stop of your paper animation) THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO YOUR ANIMATION. Create motion tweens instead to move your animation. A couple “dots” on each frame here and there will not hurt your project but once they start dominating the timeline..STOP. It can make your animation crash once it plays on the computer. Once I solved this problem I could tell that my animation was playing more smoothly. Another thing that you should know to make this process easier for you is to use only mp3 loops for your audio in the animation. It makes everything easier because you can easily just drag it from the library into the time line and BAM, the animation now has sound. I hope you enjoy this station and have fun creating your ideas into real moving “art”.
  • Have Fun
  • Create Something Different Than Others
  • Try New Things
  • Use Your Resources (binder)


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