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December 20, 2012

Posted by hullbenj in Bryce.

I did face one challenge in my one day working in Bryce. this was trying to put a beach in the foreground of my last practice. I tried creating a small section of sand in the foreground, but this didn’t work. Then I tried raising it up, but then it took over the whole ground and the water was not present any more. I never figured out this problem due to my limited time, but I am very positive that if I had more time I would of resolved my issue and would have made my landscape the way I wanted it to be.
I thought Bryce was a fun station for the one day that I was at it. If I were to go back and change anything, honestly I would of thought more about the time in the semester, so I wouldn’t be in such of a time crunch.
Practice 3



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