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December 20, 2012

Posted by maizielee in Uncategorized.

           I already had some background in Illustrator going into this station. I knew most of the tools, and I was comfortable with the most basic ones. I didn’t use any of the tutorials that were offered in the packets, but I found some online. There are hundreds of beginner Illustrator tutorials offered all over the internet. My first project was a simple owl vector.


            For this project, I basically just put different shapes together and then added some simple illustrator effects to them in the effect window. My second project was a little bit more complicated. I drew a simple outline of a girl and added a lot of different shapes to it. I also played around a lot with transparency in this project.


          My third practice was a bulldog vector. I just used different shades of grey, black, and cream for the actual dog, and then teal for the details.


             It was a basic sketch, but I was able to become more comfortable with different tools, like the Pencil and Direct Selection tools. My fourth project was a vector girl. I found a picture online that helped me with the shape of the girl. Pictures are a good source of inspiration if you get stuck on a project. For this project, I also played around with transparency a lot, and basically just drew the entire thing with the pencil tool.


            For my final, I used everything that I had learned so far in the station. It is another drawing of a girl, and the way that I was going to take it further is by printing it out on a big piece of poster paper.


            If you are new to Illustrator, I would recommend finding a lot of tutorials online to help you figure out the tools. It is much easier to master this program if you have some background in other graphic design programs first. I had already done Corel Draw and Inkscape. These programs are much easier to learn, and they have a lot of the same basic components as Illustrator. Illustrator was a very fun station for me, and it is by far my favorite graphic design program. I learned a lot, and really enjoyed the station overall. If you are very meticulous with your work, like me, I would also recommend that you manage your time well, because I had to finish everything in a hurry, and I feel like I could have had better final results if I had more time to do things. Other than that though, I really enjoyed this station, and will definitely either peruse a career in graphic design, or continue to create vectors in my spare time.



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