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Laser Engraving December 4, 2012

Posted by vapenegor in Laser Engraving.

Laser Engraving was a lot of fun! I enjoyed being able to create things in the blink of an eye, and the endless possibilities of what you could create. At first, I was afraid of messing up and breaking something, but eventually it wasn’t scary anymore because I was using it more and getting used to the machine. Occasionally, I would forget the do something in the properties, and it would print wrong, but after making those mistakes I made sure to look over the properties every time I would print just to make sure i wouldn’t mess it up. I learned  how to use CorelDraw for other purposes. I also learned things about the machine, like what it can do and what it does. For people who are goingt to use the laser engraver, i suggest always re-looking at the properties when you want to print something. make sure you have checked the size! Also, make your first projects small.  It was a fun station to do, and i suggest it to everyone.



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