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Illustrator November 29, 2012

Posted by piehltes in Illustrator.

For my second station, I decided I wanted to continue down the graphic design path, and I did Illustrator. It was quite a change from Corel Draw, my first station, and it took a while for me to get used to it. The tutorials online were very vague, so I had to improvise a lot. Also, I found that it was more difficult to use the pen tool. Overall, however, Illustrator was awesome! It made everything smooth for you, and all the menus were easily found and used. it was even easier to create your own design, because it allowed you a lot of creative freedom. I found that with this station, I could move to more advanced designs faster because of the simple ness of the program. I highly suggest this program for those who like to draw, and want to try graphic design, but aren’t as technologically savvy. There were some great tools to use, like the Effect gallery, which takes items you have selected and allows you to chose from a variety of effect that makes your project look more professional. Another tool that is helpful is the mesh tool. It allows you create meshes and make realistic looking textures and visuals. It helps blend colors together naturally. I found that when I tried to use the mesh tool, I got very frustrated and wanted to give up. Then I realized that you could use the live paint bucket to color in sections of the mesh easily, and have it blend out. After you learn how to use the program, you will love it! Honestly! It caters to all artists very nicely.

Here is on of my favorite projects:


And here is my final:





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