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Photoshop October 26, 2012

Posted by hullbenj in Photoshop.

While working in Photoshop I faced some challenges, that eventually I was able to overcome and proceed with my project.  One of the first I cam across is I accidentally closed out of the layer window.  Being able to see what layer you are in is very important.  I conquered this problem by searching and finding a drop down menu on the top labeled “Window” and then selected layers.  This gave me the layers window allowing me to move from layer to layer.  my first advice though is not to exit out of it.

Another challenge that I faced was when I was having trouble with some of the tools, like the blur tool.  My first step would be to make sure you are in the layer that you are trying to blur.  If that is not working for you or its barely noticeable, then up in the left hand corner there is a place where you can adjust the size in pixels of the brush and how heavy the effect is.  If all of this is not working for you, I would suggest to attempt to find another tool to use that works in the way you need it to; I found that the spot healing brush worked well for me in the parameters that I needed.



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