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October 26, 2012

Posted by cpeeps in Illustrator.

For my first station I decided to do Illustrator becaues I thought it would be a fun and easy station to do as a first station. however I actually ended up struggling quite a bit with this station. the thing I struggled the most with was drawing the outlines or bodies of some of my projects like the koi fish. I originally tried to use the pencil tool, which was a bad idea. when you are drawing the best tool to use is the pen tool. you can make a very rough outline of the shape and then use the convert anchor point tool and the direct select tool. These two tools will help you smooth out the rough design you originally made with the pen tool. Another problem I had was what order I decide to do my practices in. there are many different levels of the practices in the book there are many easy ones like the blissful vector seen cartoon eye and balloon. Then there are intermediate ones like the ninjas and hard ones like the koi fish. then there are the very hard ones like the the pumpkin. so once again I would really just recommend doing these in order unless you have previous time spent on illustrator or if you are a natural which i was not. Illustrator is a great station if you are want to have fun and you are willing to work for it a little bit. For my final project i chose to do the yeti which is the Mascot of the Colorado Avalanche which is my favorite hockey team.ImageImage



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