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Sketch Up September 28, 2012

Posted by wjatkinson in Architecture -Sketch up.

For my station, I decided to do Google Sketch Up. I thought I should do this so I could do 3D printing Sketch Up. It was surprisingly a lot of fun. It was easy for my to accomplish and all I had to do was use my imagination. One difficulty I had though, was getting the lines to be on the correct axis and depth. For example, if I was trying to draw on object from a certain angle, and rotated around it, sometimes the line/lines would be pointed out of under an original object. It was hard to fix because from one angle it looked great, but from the other angles it looked like a bunch of misconfigured lines. To fix this problem, I would zoom in onto the object I was drawing on so it wouldn’t be able to draw on a different axis or height. There was also another easy fix. If you hovered the curser over to where you want it, the line will automaticslly snap onto the axis. You could use the axis to your advantage. Advice I would give to new comers would be use the axis to your advantage and zoom in to objects as much as you need to make a perfect line. In my project I created some houses, interior, and a city. Overall, this was an awesome station!



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