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Sketch Up May 31, 2012

Posted by cruzmoni in Uncategorized.

My last station was Sketch Up. It was a fairly simple and easy station to learn how to use. Some of the difficulties I had were trying to get angles that went in all the same directions using the protractor. For example, when you’re trying to create 45 degree angles, some would come out upward because the angle started at the 180 degree mark and others way too low because they started at the 0 dergree mark. Then when I tried to connect them I would get a lopsided shape. To get the correct angle, I learned a trick. Start off plotting the protractor on the point where you want it to be, then move the mouse to the line that’s connected to the point of the protractor. On the line it should say “on edge” and click it and then move your dashed line and type 45 degrees and you’ll get the correct angle. some advice I would give is to know what direction the colored lines go in and try to stay on those lines to get straight lines that way you don’t mess up on a shape or something you’re trying to create. In my station I created a house with a patio, deck, and a garage. I also created a pyramid. These things are easy to build if you know how to do it correctly. (:



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