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Flash May 31, 2012

Posted by trishski64 in Computer Animation -flash.

For my final station, I did Adobe Flash. I started off with the basic activities and then I later started to figure out the more complex controls in the Flash station. After I completed the basic activities I started to create my own movies and scenes. I created two movies, one about a cowboy shooting another man and another movie about a shark eating and a whale and a swimmer. I did not have enough time to create a final project, but I did do a decent amount of activities. I ran into many problems with this station. Although I ran into many problems, I thought this was a fun station and I am glad I did it. Some of the problems I ran into were using pictures off of the internet in my animation. When I put a hat onto my guy that I got from the internet, it was ok. But later, the hat went behind my guy’s head and I could not get it back to the front. I figured out that I was running into this problem because I had not put the hat and my guy on different layers. It was too late for me to remake the hat and put it back on my guy in a different layer. I had a lot of problems with layers. I would try to put two objects on the same layer or two different animations on the same layer and my movie would not work. I had a lot of issues with layers. Later into working with the station, I started to put every little thing on a separate layer and I did not run into any more problems. Another problem I had was forgetting to label all my different layers and symbols. Since I had so many layers and symbols, I didn’t know which one was which anymore and I was very confused. I highly recommend labeling all of your movie clips, symbols, and layers. It will be a lot more helpful. Another issue I ran into was animating things. I didn’t know how to make the legs animated so that it looked like my people were walking. I also did not know how to animate the tails of my animals so that it looked like they were swimming. I learned that I had to make just the tail or part of the leg smaller in a different symbol than my original image in it’s original symbol. I also found out that you have to make a movie clip with the two different images to make the “swimming” or “walking”. Even though I ran into some problems with this station and I did not get to create a final project, I really enjoyed this station and would like to do it again. I do recommend the Computer Animation-Flash station. 



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