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Flash May 22, 2012

Posted by schulwil in Computer Animation -flash.

For my second unit in tech lab I decided to tackle flash. I started with basic skills, and then moved on to more complex ones. I had to use all these skills and more, on my final product. My final product was made to try and convince my dad that he can’t hit anymore jumps, because he tore his acl’s and he shouldn’t put himself at risk again. My first step was to draw a mountain. Then, I drew a few trees, and dragged them onto the mountain over and over. My next issue was that I had to make text appear. However, it looked bland when the text just came out of no where, so I had to play around with an effect. Then the text looked much better as it crawed into the screen. Next, the issue was to make two people follow motion guides to hit a jump. This took some trying, simply because the number of layers made it hard to figure out where to put the guide. Once it could go from the title, to me and my dad hitting a jump, it was time to go to the hospital. So I had to make a flashing siren. To do that, I took a big red square, and a big blue square, and I had them switch back and forth quickly to look like a siren. Then,  a doctor had to walk in and announce to my dad what he had done to himself. So, I drew a doctor, and made a movie clip that showed him walking. Next, I made another movie clip that showed his mouth moving, and that was about it. The end was just some text, and once I finished all of that I just added a few sound effects. My main challenge in this final project was to finish it with enough time left. I did that and I created a final product that I think is worth a good grade.



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