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LEGO Robots May 2, 2012

Posted by mollysharr in Robotics.

LEGO robots a great station to complete because you will be entertained and busy the whole time. At this station my partner and I were able to accomplish many activities and a very useful final project. For our final project we created our own booklet on how to go through activities because we noticed some of the previous booklets were worn down and not very detailed. During this station we did come across some obstacles. Sometimes we couldn’t make our activities work properly. One time when we wanted our robot to follow a dark line on the floor, but it wouldn’t work. We overcame this difficulty by putting the line on a wait table. Many obstacles can be overcome by just using your brain. At times the NXT program would not give us enough information, but we overcame this by just testing the robot and then adjusting it to work the way it should. My advice to make this station easier is to stay organized. Always put your little legos back in place when taking them apart. Sometimes we would even dedicate a whole day to organizing. This is helpful because you can easily find everything and not get overwhelmed by the different pieces. This also helps following the booklets easier.




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