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Lego Robots May 1, 2012

Posted by trishski64 in Robotics.

The station I completed was Lego Robots. With the Lego Robots station, I built my very own Lego Robot. It was a basic Lego robot that I was able to make more complicated by adding different sensors. I was also able to program my robot in many different ways and allowed it to do different things. Some of the things I did were add a light sensor, sound sensor, motion sensor, touch sensor, drive our robot in a square, and we also made our robot “golf”. This station was fun. I enjoyed building the different robots and programming it not only with its main remote, but with a program on the computer. Some problems that I ran into with this station was the activities. When my partner and I got to the station, we had no idea what to do, there were no instructions at all so we just grabbed the Lego Robots booklet and built the basic robot. Because of this, my partner and I decided to make a station binder for our final project. The station binder will be a lot of help and very useful for future station completers. Another challenge we ran into was programming our robot. We did not realize that on the computer by the station there was a program especially for programming the robot. We figured this out towards the end of completing our station, so we had to rebuild our robot and try all of our activities again with the programming part on the computer. It was definitely a lot easier than trying to program the robot right on the robot’s main device. It was also challenging for us to figure out a final project. We wanted to program Sumo Bots and make them fight in a competition ring for our final project, but that was way to challenging. Then we also wanted to program just regular Lego Robots to fight, but that would have been very difficult as well. In the end we decided to make a station binder for our station because it would have been the most beneficial to the station. With the Lego Robots station I had fun and I do recommend this station to others!



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