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Architecture April 25, 2012

Posted by counieva in Architecture -Sketch up.

Architecture is a pretty easy program to learn and you can make a lot of cool things with it, there are some problems sometimes with it though. One thing that you have to remember is to get scaling right. If you scale different parts of your design incorrectly, your whole project will go wrong. also another very useful thing to do when you are confused is to look up videos on youtube, there are tons of helpful ones. also google has a help section completely devoted to sketch up, which is very helpful. also when making a large project that requires a minor complicated detail, you should check out the google 3d warehouse. here you can download models of almost anything and place them into your project. the warehouse contains anything from a simple sphere to the empire state building. the architecture in the R drive already has a main activity for you which shows you the basics in around 14 steps. you basically build a simple house using all of the tools, it should look like this. and once you finish this, you can move on to your final project. for mine, i did the luxor hotel, mostly because it looked interesting. the biggest problem i had was that sometimes i would “get lost” and wouldnt be able to find my work, i found out that to fix this you can click zoom extents, using these tips and videos and google, you should easily figure out this program ImageImage



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