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Jake Schulman CNC Router March 2, 2012

Posted by schulwil in Uncategorized.

The CNC Router is a very new and interesting experience for everyone. It allows you to explore the programs velocity and Enroute. Enroute is complicated, but not is easy to grasp the basics and to make simple drawings at different depths. After you simulate the toolpath, you can add it to velocity. Then you set it up, and run your design. Make sure you stand by it the whole time with your fingers on the emergency stop just in case you measured wrong or if the machine malfunctions. That can and does happen sometimes. Another good tip is that measurements are extremely important, especially depth. If you measure depth as to little, than you may cut into the board underneath your board, and if you set your depth too deep, you may not be able to see what you have made because the drill will miss the board entirely.  The most important tip is that you should always remember is to space out your image. If things are too cluttered, then the drill has to overlap them, especially since, at least for now, there isnt an 1/8 inch bit. With a quarter inch bit like the one we have, it isnt as precise and you need to remember that. I hope these tips will help anyone who needs to figure out the CNC router.

Jake Schulman


1. schulwil - March 2, 2012

Thats super helpful jake! Thnaks a lot!

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