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Photoshop February 28, 2012

Posted by mckenbro in Photoshop.

I really enjoyed the Photoshop station, it got me to learn new things while having fun. I was really surpsised from all of the fun the things and tools I was able to use. In my final, I had an original mountain scene that I changed the color with. To do this, I went to that layer and selected Navigator then styles and I selected the style I wanted. I also added 2 rainbows, a cloud and a man, all using similar techniques. To put them onto the mountain scene, I opened a new Photoshop document and put the rainbow picture on there. I then used the Magnetic Lasso tool and outlined the rainbow. When I was done with that, making it perfect, I copied and pasted it onto the mountain scene; I did the same with the other rainbow, the cloud and the man. I did change the color of the rainbows and clouds though to make them blend better and look more interesting. To do this,I selected the layer I wanted then went to the pull down tab sayingNormaland changed it to blend in with the mountain scene and look brighter. I did just use a few of the tools on Photoshop that I know and I completely agree that there are many more tools that I don’t know about, which just leaves time for exploring. The Photoshop station was a great experience and I was lucky to learn how to use it and explore it and maybe someday, I will be able to use it to make a larger impact.



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