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Dance Dance Revolution February 28, 2012

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Anyone can have a fun and creative time at the Dance Dance Revolution station. At the DDR station, a program called StepMania is used. The StepMania program allows you to create many different steps to almost any song on more than one difficulty. These steps can then be played on the computer, or on the dance pads. Before starting DDR, make sure your computer has the StepMania program, or download it online. When working at the DDR station, it is important to do as much research as possible before starting to work with StepMania. Read the binder, read any other blogs on the SHS Tech Lab blog, and check the ‘R’ Drive for any additional info. There isn’t much information, so I also recommend going to the StepMania website and doing your research. I did not go to the StepMania website until the end of my station and I wish I went there sooner. It tells you all the different things that can be done on StepMania and how to do them. I had a difficult time trying to figure out StepMania when I could have just checked their website. They also have downloadable song packs. When choosing your song for StepMania, I recommend finding a computer with a song that you want to use already on it, or downloading a song off of the StepMania website. They have many songs available to download. I spent an entire class period trying to find a song for DDR and trying to import it onto the computer. I found out later that the StepMania website describes how to import a song. It is easier to just download a song off of the StepMania website or use a song already on one of the computers. Check the website to find out how to create a background and other cool things to make your final project even better. I got very frustrated with StepMania because when I added a new background or new songs, I could not find them in the program. I downloaded them many times and kept putting them in the StepMania folder, but I still could not find them. Make sure every time you add something new to StepMania to go the main menu, select options, scroll down to the bottom, and select the Reload Songs/Courses. That will add the new song or background to the program. My final project was a dance that taught the Cha Cha Slide. Be creative with your final project and remember: the possibilities are endless!



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