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Glass Blowing 2011 May 25, 2011

Posted by kristym12345 in Glass Blowing.

           This was an absolutely amazing station. I loved learning something that required me to have patience. Patience was an amazing skill that I seemed to have perfected while working at this station. One of the best things about this station is that everything you learn, though it may be tedious at first, relates to making a design in the future. The glass blowing station will definitely take a lot longer than most of the other stations but in the end, it is more than worth the length.

           One main thing that is very helpful to remember and perfect is matching the flame amount (bigger/smaller flame) to what you are working on. This is important because to little heat on a bigger rod will make it a very long heating process. Also, having too much flame on a smaller rod will cause it to crack, and believe me, hot glass on your skin does not feel good. Also, make sure that you always have the materials that you need for what you are going to work on before you turn the flame on. It is a very big hazard and extremely unsafe to reach over a 3000 degree flame so get al your materials prior to lighting the flame. One last thing that is very helpful at this station is, don’t be afraid to ask Mr. Karden to demonstrate something. It is quite helpful to see what and how something is made.

            For my final, I created the pink breast cancer ribbons. This was for my mom, who was diagnosed with Brest Cancer in early March. I ran into a huge problem when first creating my final; I had no idea how to create the ribbon shape. At first I tried making it as a free hand sculpture. Then, after this idea failed, I wrapped it around a rod to see if it would stay a ribbon shape then. Sadly, this idea didn’t work either. After trying many times to create them in these ways, Mr. Karden suggested that I make a stringer (Activity #1) and twist it so that it became a ribbon shape.

            This worked quite well and it taught me a valuable lesson. At the glass blowing station, you may fail many times but you will eventually get it so you should never give up because in the end, this station will reward you with many new and perfected skills.



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