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Rube Goldberg May 5, 2011

Posted by goodgcas in Rube Goldberg.

Through out Rube Goldberg, my partner and I had to learn how to design something and make it into a machine that works. We had to use all of the basic tools that we use everyday. In this station we had to complete various activities that included many steps to follow. In those step we had to incorporate certain objects. For instance, we had to use a toy car, a marble, or dominoes. In this station, it was very easy to make a mistake and have something not work. It would have been easier to draw out a plan and go off of that plan. But since we didn’t have a plan, we made many mistakes. Sometimes a certain contraption wouldn’t work. So we would have to go back and totally redesign the activity to make it work.  Overall, this station requires a lot of creativity and planning.



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