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Corel Draw By: Mitchell Hawkins March 8, 2011

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  Corel draw is a very interesting station with many useful tools. My final project was a pamphlet which folds up into a tiny booklet. I utilized every tool I could to make this. I created several crosses some symmetrical some not but everyone has different effects on it. Also on the backgrounds I used different fill effects and made some of them negative. I also used the text tool to create different texts over every cross, each was a different kind of text. I used many commands as well such as the flip command and the duplicate command. The bottom half of my pamphlet is upside down, I used the flip command for this, so when you fold it together it is all right side up. To make all of the boxes the same size I created one box then used the duplicate command to make three more boxes all the same size. At this station I had many problems which were all solved either by peer help or just figuring them out myself. Most of the problems I had were creating certain organic shapes which was difficult to figure out but I used the interactive envelope tool to create them. The biggest tip I have for other station users is to go through every tool and figure out what they do and how to use them. Also to go through pull down bar because there is many tools in that, that are not in the tool bar. Also in the pull down bar there is many effects and commands that you can learn to use.




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