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Photoshop by Fatima February 28, 2011

Posted by sparkleparadise in Photoshop.

  In Photoshop I learned all about the design and ideas to make a picture better and more interesting. I worked with hue/saturation which really helped with the lighting and added a few more components to the picture. I learned many things from the online Photoshop tutorials and the Photoshop books were very helpful too. The picture above is a picture that I got the background then added the animals to the background. I learned how to add pictures to backgrounds from an online tutorial which really helps when you don’t have ideas.In the beginning when starting Photoshop it was very difficult because I didn’t understand anything and I wasnt familiar with the program so I didn’t know what the tools were for or what a picture needed to look better.In Photoshop the most difficult thing was blending because I didn’t get the instructions on how to blend a picture and I didn’t find helpful information to help me. Through out the project I started to find Photoshop very entertaining and there where so many pictures and ideas that were so much fun to see and also manipulating pictures was so much fun that the more you learned and experimented the more pictures were created and the more you would make a picture look better and professional. For starters on Photoshop I recommend starting off just trying out the program and seeing what the tools are for and practicing on random pictures but then start with online tutorials and Photoshop books so you have ideas for your final project. Photoshop is a very helpful and fun program for the use of making pictures better and more professional.



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