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December 16, 2010

Posted by mollyannmurphy in Illustrator.

Molly Murphy
The program Adobe Illustrator was difficult to figure out in the beginning. I think that this is because I didn’t look at all of the tutorials that were supplied. An example of this is that I look through a couple like the greeting card and the tutorial to “create a blissful vector scene.” well, with out any experience in this program, these tutorials looked really hard and so I kind of gave up. this was a mistake because I learned after all, there are some really cool tutorials for this program. For help with the program, I went on the internet and looked at the site http://tutorials20.com/design/adobe-illustrator-tutorial-making-a-flower/. Also, I looked at the activities in the illustrator folder on My Computer. This helped with getting me more evidence for my final grade. The instructions were hard to follow but I think that I did okay with what I had (it wasn’t the best I could do.) In the folder I followed the tutorial for tracing. instead of using the girl that they had, I used tulips because those are my favorite flower and I probably wouldn’t have done as well with a picture that I wasn’t interested in. This helped a lot with my final project because I had already learned the skill when it came to my final and it went a lot quicker and was not as stressful. Some advice to someone coming into this station would be don’t give up and if you don’t understand something, try your best and you can even just figure things out by playing around with the program.

My final project is a poster with a traced dog and cat. The purpose for my project is to create a higher quality poster that will attract attention. Lately there have been announcements about a fundraiser for the animal shelter. I’m not sure how much success there has been but I think that with a better poster (maybe you could hand them out), you will get people to listen better and help more.



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