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Computer Architecture by John R December 10, 2010

Posted by johnr2313 in Computer Architecture.

Side Shot of Computer

Computer architecture is a very easy station to learn from and apply to your own life. In the beginning this station looks pretty confusing to do but it is actually pretty simple to do. After reading about the parts for a computer its easy to understand how one works and performs. My troubles were remembering where what wires went where and how they plugged in, so before I unplugged them I took pictures of them and used that to know where they went. After this I started working on my dream machine final project, after talking to my parents they said they would get me a laptop instead of a desktop so I could use it at school. This was a little more difficult since you have to fit the parts in the frame but I used dell to choose parts for the alien ware M15x which automatically chose compatible parts.Pic



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